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                                                       Yahoo Gaming Zone  CHEATERS LIST

                                                               (AUTO Aimers, Aimers, Assholes & Guy’s wearing Female Faces)

                                                as well as  ( BOOSTERS, League Cheats, Nawty  and  the GOOFS  Page).

                                            i have send  replies  to the  players  that signed  guestbook 

                                                                thank-you all for your interest


                                               a0llqii0o_shaheen_o0llpll0a BIGGEST Cheater i ever seen, over

                         5,000 wins only 237 loss's streak of 15 on Mar 16/11



                         ^^^^^^^^^^  --'s League   ^^^^^^^^^^^^








        -- AUTO  Aimer

                -- AUTO  Aimer

                JEFFPARKER249 Yaimer  < STRONGLY SUSPECTED 

                PLAYNSHUTUP Yaimer



               -- Aimer

                -- Aimer

                -- Cheater     ***

                -- Cheater     *** 

                -- guy Aimer

                -- guy W/FEMALE FACE & Aimer 

                -- guy W/FEMALE FACE & Aimer 

                -- asswipe / jerk

                -- asswipe / jerk

                -- Yaimer

                -- Yaimer

                -- Yaimer

                -- League Cheater W/aimer   League Name

               -- ???

cc: a copy of the information in this web site is sent to Yahoo (every Monday)

  Note: Yahoo sends this list back and occasionally names are



       " "



                -- League Cheater W/aimer   League Name

  CHLEBICKY   is a CHICKENSHIT   < this player will  Bore you . 


 A PLAYER TO MAYBE WATCH OUT FOR   Up_Arrow  Possibly  can block

                    and  BOOT you from any LOBBY


 CHLEBICKY  << Watch out for this PLAYER

    He plays in a way that will BORE YOU ! 



      this name  below  is  such  a  STUPID IDIOT 

             "  JOELI93222  "    got  a  girls face,

    in profile says;

      18  year old JOE    ( shoots  like  a  guy! )

       MY BIGGEST  LAUGH i ever  had in Awhile !



   This player likes to get mouthy with me in my YIM. If you see this name Please do me a favour and Report him in an abuse report to Yahoo. i would be greatly indetted to you!


    BOREDASS1  Aimer  

 GREY_GOOOOSE   Aimer  ***

 H.DUTY60   Aimer  ***

  SUSAN_HILTON00  <<<  Cheater     ***


                This List is compiled by the

       Yahoo Gaming player “ FULL.MONTE

             Plz NOTE:

 Please be aware of names that are copies of real Players, if so, please report these copy name.If you know the player with the REAL ID name. Please inform that player that a COPY ID exists. The player may tell you that, that is his own ID name also, in that regard, it is NOT necessary to report it then.

        Plz Also NOTE:

 If you suspect or are sure of a player that use’s removed (from AUTO AIMER) list -

 I would think these ID’s ISP’s have been BLOCKED from the Yahoo gaming zone.


I myself, DO NOT cheat in any way. And have 6 ID’s banned from entering the gaming zone til approx. Jan 1/2021

 Saving this URL Link and checking daily is an immediate way to stay informed

Cheat Ware of any kind, please contact me at 

 “ “ sending me a file listing the players that you suspect as an AUTO AIMER, Aimer, BOOSTER,




 To report them, Please DOUBLE CLICK the ID name, and by then clicking ‘ Complete Profile ‘.

 And sending a detailed report stating the nature of the report,Yahoo will answer your in your E-Mail as to Abuse filed

 This will insure the Yahoo gaming zone would become a more fair and fun zone to play
fun zone to play in. Have a great day, and the best of success to you.


 Thank-You for checking this Player Friendly site

              Signed : Monte Hass

 League Player, or even a male that arrives at your Table wearing a ‘ Female Face ‘